CRESTVIEW — The Okaloosa County Courthouse in Crestview is starting to take shape, with just six months of construction left for the final product.

Public Works Director Jason Autrey said almost all of the windows have already been installed and the permanent roof will replace the temporary one in the coming weeks.

"They're also installing all of the electrical and plumbing," Autrey said. "They are beginning to install the drywall and the interior offices are starting to take shape."

On the outside of the courthouse, crews are beginning to put in the infrastructure for stormwater maintenance and brick.

The old Okaloosa County Courthouse building was reduced to rubble in January with the intention of rebuilding it.

Standing since 1955, the structure became overrun with black mold and asbestos. County commissioners voted to demolish the building in October 2015 and its doors closed for the final time April 2016.

After months of debate, the county decided to rebuild on the existing site, located at 601 James Lee Blvd., hoping to complete the project by July 2018. Groundbreaking began shortly after the former complex was demolished.

The new building received a cost estimate of $23 million, compared to the $400,000 spent constructing its predecessor in 1955, and $29,000 spent on the original building in 1918.

Autrey said the current contract is approximately $21 million. He said they are still on schedule to finish in July.

Okaloosa County has been fully using the Crestview Courthouse Annex Extension on Lewis Turner Boulevard until construction is complete.

"It's moving right along and it's going to be a beautiful feature in downtown Crestview," Autrey said.

"It'll last for at least another 50 years."