CRESTVIEW — A local business woman's weekend drive-in theater faced a setback before Christmas.

Amanda Willis, owner of the Vintage Attic at 296 Main St. N. in Crestview, was using the store's back lot as a drive-in theater Fridays and Saturdays through Dec. 23, but recent cold weather damaged the sound system.

"We won't be doing movies till after Christmas now due to the fact this issue has happened to the sound. But we will be bringing it back in the new year," she said. Repairs were to begin Dec. 21.

The Crestview native credited the drive-in idea to her husband, Chris.

"He's always wanted to go to one, and I've lived in St. Louis before, so I had been to one and thought it was a great and a fun thing to do with your family. And being as Crestview doesn't have [many] family fun things, I thought it would be a great thing here," she said.

Willis tries to pick movies that both parents and children can enjoy, with a focus on Christmas family fun through December. The first movies chosen in late November were "The Grinch" and "Elf."

Once the sound system is up and running again, Willis will add funny and vintage movies to the lineup, including 1970s ones, she said.

She'll continue the Friday and Saturday viewings as well, which include a 6 p.m. movie on Fridays, and 5:30 and 8 p.m. times on Saturdays. Fees are $10 per car, and refreshments cost $1.

"The lot can hold 27 cars … If we can get everything fixed, which I'm sure we will, and it grows, I did talk with someone who may let us use a bigger parking lot," Willis said.