Editor’s Note: We thank Bill Crump of Crestview for sharing this poem.

Though the News Bulletin usually does not publish poems, it is the Christmas season and we had some unexpected space to fill, so we hope you enjoy this one.


On the throne in Pearly Heights

seated to the right

Jesus helped to rule the Realms

through endless days and nights


Many angels were informed

by Him they earned their wings

and choirs of cherubs all performed

at His directorings


Back down on Earth in ages lost

to times long forward march

there came a day when Jesus called

all back to Peter's arch


Lining up were many whom

had records of great deeds

for helping numerous fellow men

in times of their dire needs


The gate beneath the arch was small

all entered one by one

the line was stretched out timelessly

into oblivion


St. Peter had his rules to which

all aspirants were test

Each deemed of worth was processed in

as an eternal guest


Somewhere along that endless line

in white and red array

a bearded jolly pudgy soul

lay snoring in a sleigh


Sometime in that infinity

a sleigh slugged to the gate

where Peter either "God forbids!"

or he congratulates


"Your name sir?" he inquired right off

"I'm Santa" was replied

and though the endless list was scanned

no Santa was identified


"There may be quite a problem here"

St. Peter said befuddled

"I'd better check with my Boss sir

these records may be muddled"


He dialed the hot line number

which patched him to the Throne

To tell Jesus: "we've got a 'Santa’

who to us is unbeknown


"And Lord here in our records

since no Santa does exist

should I allow a conference

or should he just be dismissed"


"How strange my dear gate keeper

what our records do not show

because the name of Santa

rings a bell with Us you know"


"Perhaps, dear Jesus, if You would

since this line may never end

come down here to help me judge

if this Santa should come in"


"Beloved Peter I will certainly

lend you My helping hand

I'm teaching holy angel school

And I'II come quick as I can"


A few light years passed

in a time that did not matter

for in forever it is different

from what was worldly pitter-patter


When Jesus walked down to St. Pete

from the Fortress up above

the aura they were standing in

glowed brilliant from His love


Startled by such brightness

Santa waking from a snooze

called out the name "RUDOLPH ???"

much to Jesus's amuse


"Santa" St. Pete beckoned

as Santa waddled forth

"Please meet the Savior, Jesus

Who will talk to you henceforth"


They glided on their silver wings

down to that plump physique

and gave an amazed Santa

a kiss upon each rosy cheek


Santa turned around to Jesus

who was no longer there

He looked back toward the gate

what he saw froze fast his stare


Along the cherished highway

leading to the Fortress strong

were spread a zillion angels

singing "Here Comes Santa" songs


At the gate old Santa noticed

its stern keeper teary eyed

who quickly beckoned Santa

then threw the gate open wide


Far more self-conspicuous

than he had ever been

Santa trudged up to the gate

stumbling, bumbling in


He sauntered up the highway

past the cheering angel throngs

into the mighty kingdom

right up to the hallowed Thrones


Inside Santa saw Lord Jesus

Who was holding out His hand

then Jesus looked at God and said

"Let Me introduce this man


"My Father, this is Santa Claus

he came from earth as I

Just why he wasn't on the list

I'll try to clarify


"For Father he was never real

in flesh, though it matters naught

for Heaven does not admit flesh

although many think it ought


"To get to Heaven's hallowed gate

and join the privileged ranks

one's soul believes in good

and to evil says ‘No thanks!’


"Dear Father he was wonderful

throughout his endless life

he gave full his self to others

as did his helpers and his wife


"He was more than representative

of the Gift You gave to man

he was evidence of Your goodness

and his methods were so grand"


"Jesus," broke in His Father

"Let me ask a question here

so I can fully understand

and make this matter clear"


The Lord then queried, "Santa,

Why are you so adored?"

Santa said, "Is it because:

I love Your children Lord?"


"Well, Santa" said his Highness

"We have no records on you sir

and without such documentation

We normally issue a transfer"


Santa, who was now confused,

was at a loss for words

All he remembered was a 'POOPF!'

while he was tending reindeer herds


"Santa could you tell Me,"

Jesus softly said

"Who you were and what you did

or it's 'you know where,’ I dread"


Santa's tummy grumbled

and he mumbled a "pshaw"

when at that moment passing

glanced an angel down in awe


The angel had a trumpet

and she raised it to her lip

The joyous blast that followed

even startled His Lordship


A radiance glistened Heaven

Tears of joy fell from the eyes

of a multitude of cherubs

who had filled God's lovely skies


Carefully Jesus studied Santa

whose smile was beaming bright

at the mirthful gleaming faces

of the angels taking flight


The Lord looked down at Santa

in understanding found anew

"There are no sleighs in Heaven

but I have a job for you


"When My children come to visit

they seem stupored and in fear

and they talk so hesitatingly

in this churchy atmosphere


"For sugarplums and lollipops

in Heaven are not found

angels, harps, and trumpets

are the only things around


"One's soul's the only suitcase

each is asked to bring above

for in Paradise the beauty

is import of peace and love


"So please be seated Santa

on my left right next to me,

all my children now will sparkle

for I will place them on your knee"


Then Santa laughed and Jesus smiled

Their Father grinned and boast,

"Here now we three complete my Throne

Father, Son, and Holy... gho ...ah .... Host"



Furthermore throughout all time

unending, far, and wide

the fear of God is gone from child

since Santa's by his side.


Copyright 2007, Bill Crump. All rights reserved; reprinted with permission