CRESTVIEW — A husband and wife were arrested after an altercation with each other turned physical.

According to a report from the Crestview Police Department, on Dec. 14 an officer responded to a home in reference to a disturbance in progress. A female caller advised her husband had “busted” out her car window, backed the car up into her and grabbed her around the neck.

The woman also told officers her husband had thrown her phone away while she was calling 911.

Officers questioned the husband, who said he “blacked out” during the argument and didn’t remember what happened. The man had scratches on his knuckles, but told officers he didn’t know how they got there.

A witness told authorities she observed the couple arguing. She said she heard the woman tell her husband, “You are already dying anyway” before the husband attempted to back the vehicle up. The witness said the wife was standing behind the vehicle and “would not move.”

The 40-year-old husband was arrested and charged with battery domestic violence, a misdemeanor.

While the officer was trying to question the husband, he was continuing to yell at his 39-year-old wife. When the officer told the wife to wait by his patrol vehicle so he could investigate, the woman informed him, “I don’t have to go anywhere.” She continued to refuse to follow the officer’s instructions.

At one point the woman was speaking on her cell phone and turned away from the officer, at which point he attempted to detain her with wrist restraints. She pulled away from the officer’s grasp and threw her cell phone into the road. She was yelling at her husband as she was escorted to the officer’s patrol vehicle.

The woman was charged with resisting an officer without violence, a misdemeanor.