Dear Santa,

How are you today? Are you doing well? I have been between good and bad this year. This year, my top three wishes are any Lego set with 300 or more pieces, any PS2 or Wii video game, and a paint set.

Love, Caleb A.


Dear Santa,

I have been nice this year. I have helped my Pawpaw word around the house. I would like a Playstation 4 for Christmas and my sister would like a Barbie house. She has been good too.

Love, Landon K.


Dear Santa,

How are all the elves doing? I have been good this whole year, for Christmas I wish for a phone, gumball machine, and for all the dogs in the pound to get adopted. Merry Christmas Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus and all the elves.

Love, Delaney S.


Dear Santa,

How is it living in the North Pole? I have been good this year. I listen to my parents and help them a lot. Santa this is what I want for christmase, orbeez, a puppy and a hatchimal. And if you can, please bring my pawpaw home soon.

Love, Bella S.


Dear Santa,

I have been very good for helping doing dishes. I would like a hoverboard, and I would like to get a truck for my mom. and get my dad a phone. see u on Christmas.


Alexus H.


Dear Santa,

Santa I love you. How is Mrs. Claus doing? I would love to get a tablet, batman vr and a batman arkham toy for Christmas. I have been a good boy at home and in school.

Love always, Donald C.


Dear Santa,

How are things going in the North Pole? I hope you and Mrs. Claus are doing good. I have been pretty good this year. I woud like legos, x box one, lava lamp and also please give my mom an dad something. But Chrlee and liam been bad.

Love, Paxton P.


Dear Santa,

I have been good this year I have some questions for you. What is it like being in a slay? and Santa why do you in there chinmy you could take the door? Please I would like a DPS for Christmas and toy solidors and new socks.

Love, Michael H.


Dear Santa,

How have you been this year? I hope nobody is on your naughty list. Does Mrs. Santa help build toys toos? I have been good this year. I want a guitar, puppy, and a microphone and I also want to tell we miss her.

Love, Kyleigh D.


Dear Santa,

Do you have millions of kids to give presents? For Christmas I want a ferby tattletail, Kinect sand, and the same clothes like mine for my American doll. This year I’ve been very good. is it cold in the north pole? Is Mrs. Claus okay.

Love, Riley O.


Dear Santa,

Does Mrs. Clause make you cookies and milk when it is not Christmas time? Santa have you ever gave someone coal? Santa I want an elf on the shelf and a real dog.

Love. Amelia C.


Dear Santa,

are the elfs busy and are the reindeer behaving? I have been a good boy this year. I want a sign language book, ultra pokemon sun, and to spend time with my family this is all I want.

Love, Cole S.


Dear Santa and Mrs. Claus,

How are you doing? How are the elfs and rain deer doing? I’ve been a good brother to my sister and brother. For Chirsmas I want a drone remote control car and a new I phone 7.

Love, Liam B.


Dear Santa,

how are you doing for Chirmas I want a dog and my mom and dad to get back together! and me and my friend to sta together.

Love, Jahnyla J.


Dear Santa,

How are you Santa I have being good by helping my little sisr. Santa can I get a bike and a PS4 and a gumball machine and a iphone and a trt bike and a modr bike.

Love, John R.


Deer Santa,

I’ve been good and helping my mom. She said I can get some games and toys and the most thing I want is a Nintendo Switch and roblox toys and pokemon cards.

Love, Drako P.


Dear Santa,

Hi Santa. I have been a good girl. I love school. May I have a fingerling and clothes. Thank you. Marryt Chrismas Santa.

Love, Vivian Aldrich