CRESTVIEW — A 50-year-old woman was arrested on several charges after she drunkenly drove through the streets of Crestview and seemingly threatened officers with a screwdriver.

According to the woman’s Crestview Police Department arrest report, on Dec. 10 an officer responded after a man said the woman had gotten behind the wheel of her van while intoxicated. The man had also wanted the woman trespassed from his property, where she later said he had poured her several drinks.

Officers spotted the woman driving the van a short while later, but when they tried to stop her twice, she continued driving and making erratic turns. She was driving slowly and erratically, according to the report.

Eventually the officers got the woman to stop, and when she opened the car door, she had a 12-inch flathead screwdriver in her right hand. Officers noted she was “angry, belligerent (and) pulled her arm back and brought it forward as if to strike my person.” After officers restrained the woman, she told them she used the screwdriver to start her car.

While restrained in mechanical restraints, officers detected a strong odor of alcohol on the woman’s body. However, the woman told them she had “not been drinking that much” and was unsure of how much she drank because the man had been pouring her drinks. When asked why she didn’t stop when the officers tried to pull her over the first couple of times, she said she didn’t think they were trying to stop her, despite their lights and sirens.

The woman was transported to the Okaloosa County Jail and denied consent to a breathalyzer. She was charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, refusing a breath test, DUI and fleeing an officer.