Dear Santa, I’ve been good this week and I want a big remote control car, 3 lego packs, a new electric scooter, a new bine, a riverside elementary clock and a water slide.  That is all I have on my list.  Good luck.

Nicholas J.


Dear Santa,

I want the video game "Lego Worlds," and a globe with fake snow in it.  Also a new jetaur, and the x-box game Jurassic Worlds

Jordyn B.


Dear Santa,

I would love a Barbie dream house, skateboard, Barbie video games, the disck dister land, my own make up set.  Santa I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Connielee T.


Dear Santa,

Make up, biscycle, and I really want my dad to get better.

Toni F.


Dear Santa,

This is what I want.  Lps, zoomerpet cat, American girl doll, little live pet chicks, nail painting set, my life doll, baby alive doll, and stroller for doll.

Mariah M.


To Santa,

I want a Nintendo switch 3ds, trampoline, catapole, globe, monster truck, Lamborghini race car, batman toy, chocolate candy bar, squishy toys, markers, pants, jeans, shirts, desk, and ds4.

Jayden S.


Dear Santa,

Please give me a my little pony lagoon set.  And a calico critters toy shop and a family of kangeroos.  And can you give me an American girl doll schools stuff. I mean that and also and also a locker.

Love Amylee T.


Dear Santa,

Frnz doll, pad, Barbie and ken. I want a book. 

Ariyona L.


Dear Santa,

Phone, a remote controlled car, a game bordolands, $100, computer charger for my ds, emoji, playdoh, books, football set up, tv, and teddy bear.  It’s okay if you don’t get everything I want.

Shon C.


Dear Santa,

I want a nintedo switch with super Mario odessyes.  I want a computer.

Kelby C.


Dear Santa,

I want everybody to be happy.  I want a game.  I want a fidget spinner.  I want a toy.  I want everybody to have a good Christmas.

Dominic E.


Dear Santa,

I want a 3DS and a soccer jersey.

Jeremiah P.


Dear Santa,

I want Ripunsel bow en crow toy, my life as school stuff, a tablit a real one.  A book of "there was an old lady who swallowed a bat and a junastik my life as shirt.

Emmalee T.


Dear Santa,

I would want an x-box, a motorcycle, ET the movie, a four wheeler, a bicycle, an electric scooter, a surf board, a BB gun, a waterslide, and a boogie board.

Mathew B.


Dear Santa,

I want for Christmas is a Marvel Heroes 2 game, a puppy, and a skateboard.  That is all I want from Santa.

Tayven H.