Dear Santa,

I would like a high bouncing stress ball with slimne in it. I would like a cheese and pepperoni pizza. I would like a toy nerf gun and a rocket fishing rod. I would like a hatchimal and a tiny storm trooper.

Love, Ian

Dear Santa,

I would like a clubhouse and a disco ball inside. I would like a reindeer and a hoverboard. I would like some books, schoolwork and a PS4.

From Sirmani


Dear Santa,

I want a Bandy and the ink machine and Kozmo Cup Head Fungal Pops, a hatchimal, a wobble bubble, a hoverboard and that’s it.

Love, Scotty


Dear Santa,

I hope your raindeers are feeling good. I hope you give me a lot of presents. I am not teling you my list because I made it already at home.

Love, Mario


Dear Santa,

I know you are a good man. I want a hatchimal, a zoomer pup, a bird. One day can I see your reindeer Santa? I hope you don’t get caught in a storm. Santa you are my good, good, friend. Merry Christmas Santa.

Love, Maddilynn


Dear Santa,

I want a phone, 2 minecraft minis, Lego Minecraft set, a squishy gun. I would also like a big Lego Storm trooper and a zoomer cat and 4 stick bats and a flair pen.

Love, Kaleb


Dear Santa,

Can you give me a phone, a motor scooter, a lap top and a Bubble Wubble, 10 skittle packsand a Lego box and school suppolies. PS: Hope you have a good time, and your reindeer don’t get sick.

Love, Jeremiah


Dear Santa,

I hope you have a good Christmas and can I please have a hatchimal and a book.

Love, Lailee


Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want a mermaid tale. The other thing I want is horse. I also want stuff to make goo. Have a good Christmas and I want a figit spinner.

Love, Selena


Dear Santa Claws,

I want a phone, a figit spinner and a flying thing like a helicopter with a remote controller.

Love, Jaron


Dear Santa,

I know it is hard to get here. The north pole is at the top of the earth. I hope you are not cold. Do you like  chocolate chip cookies? Merry Christmas!



Dear Santa,

I want an Iphone and teachers stuff. I want a pink wobble bubble and a stuff elephant. I’d like some books and stuff to make goo. Mini relaxable, a teachers suit and a hatchimal. I would like some puppies and a toy angel. Thank you,

Love, Taylor


Dear Santa,

I want a big hatchimal and a elsa castle and crown and a monster high girls dolls and a mini relaxable and a lot of jewelry and one of those orbis. I want a birthstone amethyst ring,,

Love, Audri


Dear Santa,

I want all the the slimes in the world, fish bowl slimes. Butter slimes everything slimes and some foam beads.

Love, Taylin


Dear Santa,

I would like Littlest  Pet Shop great dane and an American girl doll, a monster high doll, orbis, and an iphone with the same case as my ipad (flower) PLS


Eleanor Grace Looper


Dear Santa, I want a pack of puppies and 100 dollars and a rocket fishing rod.



Dear Santa,

My Christmas wish is important.  I want to see my grandma on Christmas Eve and Christmas day to. Dear Santa, my other wish is to see my dad in Oregon.  I have not seen him in a long time.

Love, Laureli


Note: The previous version of these letters incorrectly listed Tamilla's class as being at Riverside. The class is actually at Bob Sikes Elementary School. The News Bulletin staff apologizes for this error.