Dear Santa,

Can I please have a toy angel, hatchimal, dream catcher, phone and mistery present.

Thank you.

Love, Mason


Dear Santa,

Thank you for putting me on your special wall and I only want a hover board for Christmast.

Love, Jakeob


Dear Santa,

Can you please give me thease toys. 2 Guinea pigs, 3 phones, one moana baby and toys for my puppies. Can I have lots of slime.

Love, Calleigh


Dear Santa,

Please give me Bendy and the Ink Machine and Roblix, a 3ds, 2ds, ultra sun and moon, 2 minllion Megs Pokemon cards, 3 new elves, robot shark, xbox 360, xbox 1 and 3 new TVs and a computer. By the way, you can do anything.

Love, Brayden


Dear Santa,

Please bring me a Moana baby, zoomer cat a Christmas toy house with mistletoe, Roblox toys, hatchimals, toy hamster and a toy angel.

Love, Samia


Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas. For Christmas I want a robot dog, and a real phone and a camera and a real live pet. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas.

Love, Ayani

Dear Santa,

I want a phone four Christmas. I also want a hover board. Please and thank you. I also want a hamster and a camera set. I want a elf on the shelf. I also want Jojo sewa bow rainbow color. I want a hatchimal. I want puppies and a toy angel.

Love, Jayda


Dear Santa,

Can I please have this stuff. I want a phone and a Jojo Siwa bow hare tie. I want a hatchimal and a zoomer dog and scented nail polesh.

Love, Reagan


Dear Santa,

Marry Chrissmis. I want a baby alive diapers and a baby alive high chair and a baby alive food pacs, especially Elf on a shelf girl. Flipsy girls. Thank you.

Love, Anne


Dear Santa,

I want a hatchimal, three puppies 2 hoverboards, a phone a zoomer kitties girl elf, checkers, slime, lots of pants, leggings and shirts. Thank you for not putting me on the naughty list for my whole life. I’m so happy. I love Christmas. I will see you soon.

Love, Grady


Dear Santa,

I want a drone and a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book and a game called Tron and a hoverboard and a Dogman book. And a figit spinner,

From Caden


Dear Santa, I want a Kanoni and Jojo Siwa and other American Girl Dolls. I want some Barbies and exsasrys. I want to get my grandma some pants and shirts. I want American girl dolls and more stuff. I want Hatchimals flippsy girls.

Love, Alyssa


Dear Santa,

I want a Zoomer Cat and I want a robot dog and a toy phone. Thank you.

Love, Dean


Dear Santa, these are the three things I want for Christmas. Real phone, make up and robot dog. I also hope you have a great Christmas and I thank you for being a great guy.

Love, Tate


Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas. Can I please have Roblox zombie apocalypse and maby can I have a tutu for my pug. Thank you.

Love, Tyler


To: Santa,

I would like a grain wagon, and a big tractor and a semi and an excavator please and thank you.

From Wyatt


Dear Santa, I would like a robot horse and a Moana baby and a hamster and a pone and a robot please.

Love, Jenna


Dear Santa,

I wish for a zommer cat and a baby cat and a hoverboard and a phone.

Love, Hannah


Dear Santa,

I want a toy elf. I want a real phone. Please give me more than 8 toys Santa. Are you real? I think you are real.

Love, Layne