Dear Santa, I would like all of the new ninjago movie lego sets in the the hole world. I would also like 100 dollars and a elechric scooter, please. Thank you.

Matthew H.


Dear Santa, I want a hoover bord for Christmas and a miny bike to and I want a bike and lunch box and a bunch of money.

James W.


Dear Santa, Will you please git me a Hachubell and anew pencel box and new shoze and close to. Santa you are the best and I also wont a toy barbe howes.

Kara S.


Dir Santa, I want to git a sord and a monke and a gorter and pokemon and a for wilr and a new bike and new shoes and I want thim to glow. Thak yo.

Dalton L.


Dear Santa, I would like a DollHous and some dolls to, a bike, a roubot dog, and Barby Doll Kilig, a snow man for Christmas. Will you please give me it. Thank you.

Chyenne M.


Dear: Santa, I would like Santa ofit like yours but a dress, a big doll, a Love Posin for my family, Just Dace 2017, a dount dress, skate bord, skates, sister neckalis. Thank you Sata, I love you so much so please give me what I would like. Thank you.

Faith R.


Dear Santa, I would like to git a Christmas Chrane and 45 pupys. I love you, Santa

Corbon P.


Dear Santa, I would like Lego King Pig set. A new coat and Five nighe at Freedy 2 parts. I love you Santa. Thank you.



Dear Santa, For Christmas all I want is my Daddy to come back because my mom and dad got dyvorst if you cannot get this for me that is ok, then you can get me a big toy bear, I just love stuffed animals. Thank you

Casey M.


Dear Santa, Can I have one thin and that is a magnet fishing rod with magnet fish. Thank you, Santa

Riley K.


Dear Santa, I would like a stuffed animal, a dog and a stuffed animal cat and books Markakse. Thank you.

Jaimee G.


Dear Santa, All I mostly want for Christmas is a Sparkly Rock Star Scatebord and a Kary Ouky mishin. Can I please have that for Christmas. Good Luck! I love you.

Madison B.


Dear Santa, Pleace let the elvs com to my house nigt. My grandmoll is comeing to my house. I want to superis her. Do you know the letter I gave you? Well I want more than that, pleace! Is their any thang you can think of? Mary Christmas love you.

Haylee G.


Dear Santa, I would like Shopking because I bin a good girl. Santa you are the dest.

Natalea M.


Dear Santa, I would like a GX Box, Magg Charsard X Ten and Meoto X.

Stephen C.


Dear Santa, I would like a fascy bed for barby, a new fascy barby and shool barby set. Santa you are the best! I love you.

Amya M.