Dear Santa, I want to have a ride on your sleigh. I want to have a I phone 7. I want to have makeup. I want to have Barbie doll. I want to have a lot of toys.

from Jailyn K.


Dear, Santa I want little Football men so I can play with them. I want a BaskitBall hoop and a BaskitBall. I want a jegle bell like last year.

Jackson B.


Dear Santa i am sary four being bad this year pLeas git some gifs four me

Love Zaley B.


Dear Santa, Wate I want for crissmis is a taluperte and a weppeycorson yo-yo toy rocet lunonche. That’s all that I wont for crismass love
Dylan C.


Can the rain Dear fly Sant I want a Drit Bick a Figit Spinr 5 of them Sant

Mason C


Dear Santa could you get me were you make slime and a big Hagamile and a shopkins Jet thank. you.

Aleah D.


Dear, Santa I want a lot of things. I want a dream catcher. I also want a piano. I really want arts and crafts stuff. Plus I want real ballet shoes that real baller dancers wear. I also want a gymnastics bar so I can practice things for my gymnastics comp.

Love, Devyn F.


Daer Chantu I wunt a pink and purpu bike with harts and wheth a babey dall hodr and a rodor tek cat and a babey dall that comms when dadey saf. I now I am asking for a lot. Love Andrea to santa

Alexandrea G.


Dear Satu. Will you bring me toys. I have ben good.

Love Buddy J.


Dear, Santa I want a toy t.Rex. And a pet dog. And a louder alarm clock.

Taylor M.


dear santa. I want a hovoboard For Christmas and a and a xbox360 and a bmx bike MY own phone that goese to 200 persent Nerf guns and a play set. dear santa you are the best of Father christmas.

Layquan M.


Dear santa can you pleas git me a huver bord. And santa can you git me a derone that can transform into a boat with a camru. Last thing I wont a mega gun that shos yellow ball that hert with a scop. Then a thing of choclit for me brother mom and dad.

Wyatt M.


Dear santa for crims will you brang me a xdox360 and a New bick and a New Pair of shos and some New cols for crims thak you santu.

Camryn M.


Dear Santa… I want shopkink and emoji. Then I want a Hoverboard. I want a Iphone6. I want some clothes. And I want a Big amearican Doll and a Baby alive.

Janiya R.


Der Santu I Love santu

Paris S.


Dear Santa I love you becase you Put me on the Nice List every Year. But Santa cipy draw me as a devl.

Love Christopher S.


To the noth plol.  I wont a roqit fishing rod. Minkrafft lago montin. Pie fase siky hi. Roqit fishing rod. Roqit fishing rod. Pleas onle pic own.

Love Kaiden S.


I wontit to shs foor crismis. The nest thengs I wont foor crismis. Nests I wont pokumos kods for crismis. I love you Sat cos

Chloe T.


Dear Santa I love you but what I want for Crismas is: A toy sniper rifle because I love Guns and I wish you a happ crismas and I wish you are alive so I can meet you and ms. Closs to and a bee bee Gun.

Love Kristian K.