To Santa I want nerf stuff.

From Robert A.


To siet I wut can I have nuting for cems. mom and dad.

Temperance C.


I want nref guns. A netandon swich.

Raphael D.


Dear santa. I wold like a phone

Katie F.


I want a golden hoverboard, fidetspinner, toy bb shotgun, sniper rifle, shades, dog house and a cute little puppy.

Jaden F.


Dear Santa I want some toys like spider man capete amarica hulk haylow gost busters ex box one haylow iyer man capten amarca ninjgo. psfour close and pod.

Tyler G.


Dear, Santa, One thing I want for chismas is a Nintendo swich! and Mario Plus rabbids. also Minecraft for the swich! Another thing is LOL suprise! Last thing I want is Choclat egg suprise!

From Micah H.


Dear Santa, I want some new dolls and some doll shoes.

From Adara J.


Dear Santa I wute a toygun. I wunte my lidl bid planit. I wute a toy suggun.

Jordan L.


Dear Santa I want a toothBruth with toothpast. And glow in the dark figit this is for my dog shows for my dog glow in the dark headband. And a ester drees.

Elizabeth S.


Dear Santa I bulevin you. I love you.

Kacy B.


beer santa i wont a figit spier a red one and a tablit a figet spin that is cheting to auther one a showeg love.

Michael R.


Dear santa I want american girl doll stuff but not any kind of clohes another thing I want is a decret diray. The Last thing I want is tv for my room and I want it to be big.

From Allona S.


I want to get 20 hardord and 2 figentspinrs and a ipad and stofo and so drdines Wiceys and food stame in a fones. I love Sonta.

Love Deoyahna S.


Dear Santa I want a xbox360 and a remote Airplane and a remote racecare, and a toy car I can ride in and a ninjago Lego play set and a remote monster truck and a new computer and a ipade and three Ds and spiderman shoe’s that light up.

From Ashtyn T.


Dear Santa I wut a TaBliT and a fone too and shocins

by Sha’Lajah W.


Dear Santa can I have a pet Seal. Can I have a poputrol Boat. Can I have poputrol car’s. can I have a gostbuster toy. can I have ningago toy. Can I have a toy care I can rid in.

From Alyssa W.


Santa I want toys 100 nerf one more toy lego 100 2 pet dogs shirt six bird one Hall bracelet RJ beyblade

Art D.