LAUREL HILL — Laurel Hill's city attorney, Dan Campbell, recently decided to end his contract with the small North Okaloosa County community, but he plans to provide services until a new attorney is found.

Campbell has been the city’s attorney for many years, but according to Councilwoman Debra Adams, he is in the process of moving and possibily will retire. Campbell did not attend the city council's most recent meeting, which was Dec. 7. The council discussed hiring a replacement attorney during that session.

Campbell has already closed his private practice, Adams said. The city has issued a request for proposal for the service.

The council initially planned to choose a new attorney during the January City Council meeting; however, Adams suggested pushing the decision to February since the city will likely get few responses before Christmas.

The council agreed to change the deadline for applications to Jan. 25, and open them during the Feb. 1 city council meeting.