CRESTVIEW — A Crestview woman charged Wednesday with child neglect was arrested the next day at the jail on a count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrested 33-year-old Danielle Blankenship for failing to seek medical care for a 3-month-old child in her care who had sustained a head injury on or around Nov. 6.

Family members say they repeatedly told Blankenship that the injury, an approximately 1.5-inch indentation in the back of the baby’s head, needed medical attention.

Once OCSO deputies got involved in the case Nov. 29 Blankenship took the infant to a doctor but did not reveal any information about the suspected trauma that caused the head injury. A subsequent checkup revealed the baby had a fractured skull.

Investigators are working to determine how the injury occurred after receiving conflicting stories from Blankenship.

In the meantime, during the course of the investigation they learned that Blankenship had pulled a knife on her mother during a fight on or around Nov. 6.

Blankenship is currently being held without bond at the Okaloosa County Jail and could face an upgraded charge due to the new information the baby's injuries.