CRESTVIEW — The Crestview Police Department may have its own shooting range come summertime. 

That is, if a 30-acre parcel set aside for the project is approved for annexation out of Okaloosa County and into the city of Crestview.

Brian Hughes, Crestview PD spokesman, said it is all up to government officials to approve the plan.

"The city already owns the property, so we're just waiting for it to be annexed," Hughes said. "Everybody is excited about the project. It's a beautiful piece of property and it's in a nice, rural area. They have so much potential out there."

The property is located on Retta Lane in Crestview. 

The idea for a shooting range was sparked by Florida law that requires law enforcement officers to qualify with their handguns at least every two years. A Crestview Police officer must qualify every six months.

Currently, Crestview officers must drive up to the Walton County Sheriff's Office shooting range for their three hours of pistol, rifle and shotgun qualifications.

The new facility would be a multi-purpose range that would allow officers to shoot and train K9 dogs near the Crestview PD office. There would also be a running track surrounding the perimeter of the property. 

Hughes said the Crestview Fire Department has also asked for a fire tower to be built so firefighters can train on the property.

Theresa Gaillard, the city's growth management director, said she expects the annexation to be approved by late spring or early summer.

Hughes said shooting range construction will begin right after it's approved.