CRESTVIEW — Brent Parry and Josh Moen are opening a barber and tattoo shop in Crestview.

The grand opening for Hub City Barbers & Tattoo is set for 5 p.m. Dec. 9 at 211 Main St. N, Crestview.

Free food, beer, soft drinks and gifts will be available to guests, and the shop's barbers will cut hair for donations.

"Being veteran owned and operated, we created the Kacie Lynae Hansen Fund to support suicide prevention and help those who served our country that maybe be struggling," Parry said. Hansen, Parry and Moen's niece, committed suicide a few years ago after being bullied in school.  

"We are asking everyone to donate, instead of paying for haircuts, at our grand opening party — if they are able to, considering the time of year," Parry said. "Josh and I plan on donating a small percentage of every service we do throughout the entire year and what others donate to our fund throughout the year. This allows us to choose which suicide prevention organization we feel is making the biggest impact in our community, to donate that money to."

Hub City Barbers & Tattoo features classic men’s haircuts, hot-towel straight razor shaves and tattoos in an environment designed for men, with a modern but traditional barbershop feel focused on people and community first.

"I pick up my straight razor and shave with the idea that if our great-grandfathers were witnessing a traditional hot-towel straight razor shave taking place with the precision and respect they enjoyed when they were young, they would look down on us with a big smile. There are two generations of men that have not experienced what their great-grandfathers experienced in the barber shop."

Moen and Parry have a "people before profits" mentality, Parry said.

"I had many mentors when I became a barber, and they gave me the advice that if you take care of the people, the profits will follow and you’ll become a better person everyday," Parry said. "This is a people business. There is nothing corporate chain or big-box franchise store about our barber shop.

"The gentlemen of Crestview deserve and want quality again."