Well, we seem to know how the Playoff Bowls are going to work and just about who’s going to be in them. At this point of the season it’s still hard to place a team in a bowl because of the many factors that they look at:

1. Can the school beat the team they want to play?

2. Cost of getting the team and supporters to the bowl game.

3. Most of all, just how much money can the school make?

Army for sure is going to the Armed Forces Bowl; Missouri to the Liberty Bowl (which used to be Tennessee's old stomping grounds); Mississippi State to the Outback Bowl; and Boston College to the Pinstripe Bowl. Those picks are now set in stone.

Here are your 10 picks for the week, plus a tie breaker for Nov. 18.

1. Kentucky Wildcats versus Georgia Dawgs: Here, kitty, kitty, kitty. A big blowout is coming here at the hands of some very hungry Dawgs, winning by 21 plus.

2. Boston College Eagles vs. Connecticut Huskies: Even with the game at Fenway Park in Boston, I’m going out on a limb here on this game. Eagles flying high for the fans, winning by 12.

3. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. Duke Blue Devils: Now this is the Atlantic Coast Conference game of the week to watch. The Blue Devils have plenty of Hot Shot Spray on hand to take the sting of the Yellow Jackets. Duke by 13.

4. Syracuse Orangemen vs. Louisville Cardinals: No one knows just what happened to the Cardinals and the Heisman Trophy winner, but both have fallen apart. Syracuse by 3.

5. Pittsburgh Panthers vs. Virginia Tech Hokies: Virginia Tech is still searching for that spark and a big win so they can get that big bowl bid. The Camping World Bowl is as big as you’re going to get. Hokies by 3.

6. LSU Tigers vs. Tennessee Volunteers: It’s another slaughter at Neyland Stadium — sad but true. Just maybe the Vols can score a few points for dignity. LSU by 20 and a shot at the Music City Bowl (another hangout spot for Tennessee).

7. Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. Arkansas Razorbacks: This is the Southeastern Conference game of the week to watch. It's even all the way around, other than the Razorbacks having the best tailgate party in that area. Their food is out of this world, but they cannot overcome the Bulldogs, who'll take it by 6.

8. Ole Mississippi Rebels vs. Texas A&M Aggies. This looks like a knock-down, drag-out game, and normally I would call the Aggies because of the 12th man scenario, but just maybe the Rebels can make that last field goal. Not. Aggies by 10.

9. North Carolina State Wolfpack vs. Wake Forest Demon Deacons: There are bragging rights for the State, and from a good look at the bowl pictures at Winston-Salem, Wake Forest is not a big stadium, but the Deacons can  pack them in and more with an upset. Wake Forest by 3.

10. Central Florida Knights (UCF) vs. Temple Owls. We had to put in a team from Florida, so we did with UCF. Unfortunately it's another Florida loss. Owls by 1.

Tie breaker: Michigan State Spartans vs. Wisconsin Badgers upset. An upset is coming again, Michigan State. Now that’s what they all want you to believe. Badgers by 10 or more.

Two teams from Florida will be in the Bowl lineup. South Florida is looking at the Gasparilla Bowl? Something to do with lawnmowers. About UCF going to the Peach Bowl: sorry folks, no Florida or Florida State, just like Tennessee and Vanderbilt, no Bowl this year.

You know we are always screaming for the coaches’ heads when things go wrong (Butch Jones at Tennessee Volunteers), but I think at Tennessee we should be looking at the athletic director, Mr. Dave Hart, also. Not only is the football program failing, but so are the rest of Tennessee's sport teams.

Tennessee is not the school to fear as before, in men and women's sports. Nor does it do as well in the SEC competition as it used to. Maybe we need to clean house. Complacency is a terrible disease.
It’s just like cancer, but complacency can be cured.

Bill Everett is a member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart and lives in the Baker area.