CRESTVIEW — At the Monday workshop, the City Council was presented with a list of 5- to 10-year capital outlay projects to introduce to the county for possible funding by the local government infrastructure surtax.

According to City Clerk Betsy Roy, the 12 projects would cost a total of approximately $25 million; however, the city would only get between $1.3 and $1.5 million each year for five years with the possibility for an extension.

The projects presented are not set in stone, Roy said, and must be related to general fund infrastructure of public safety; the surtax cannot be used for utility projects.

Roy said the surtax would go into affect in January 2018 if passed by the county. The county will mail out a ballot with a referendum for residents to vote on. If the surtax passes, the city can then prioritize the list of projects; for now, the county will look over the list.

The projects are as follows, and the costs are estimates:

•    Enlarged turn radius at Industrial Drive and Highway 90: $32,000
•    Crestview Corners access road: $150,000
•    Redstone Avenue widening, Highway 85 to Brookmeade Drive and roundabout construction at Redstone and Brookmeade intersection: $899,000
•    Medcrest Drive to Duggan Avenue connector road: $1,936,000
•    Arena Road paving, phase 1: $2,083,000
•    Arena Road paving, phase 2: $1,433,000
•    Arena Road paving, phase 3: $3,529,000
•    Duggan Avenue extension to Arena Road: $2,055,000
•    Gun firing range for police department: $100,000
•    Rasberry Road extension (city/county project): $9,000,000
•    Sports complex (including land) (city/school board project): $4,000,000
•    Environmental center upgrades: $250,000