CRESTVIEW — Numerous and Facebook readers shared their thoughts on local issues. 

Here are some of their comments. 


Gun control is a feel good, false sense of security for the ignorant. There are so many current laws on the books that cover weapons and use of; there are laws against murder and attempted murder, as well as assault.

But just as a law against speeding, these laws are only as good as the person abiding by them and the law prosecuting the offenders.

No criminal or criminally intent person is going to give a damn about a law. So, therefore, only the law-abiding citizens are affected by a law, and they are not the ones committing these acts.

Daniel Crawley 



Perhaps we should look at ‘taking a knee’ as a form of allegiance to the anthem and flag? Many genuflect in church, why not the playing field?

E.S. Farrell




Sure hope there is a plan to change the intersection at [State Road] 85 and John King. The backup there now is a hazard. Excited that Popeyes is coming, however.

TerryandKelly Hayes 


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