The year's expenditures will match revenue, and include $135,800 in CRA administration costs

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CRESTVIEW — The Community Redevelopment Agency board has approved the final budget for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

According to the final budget, projected revenue for the CRA during the 2017-2018 fiscal year is $1,333,387, which includes the 2016-2017 end-of-year balance forward in the amount of $1,144,387 and operational revenue in the amount of $189,000.

The year's expenditures will match revenue, and include $135,800 in CRA administration costs; CRA director education, training and conferences in the amount of $12,500; and CRA programs (economic revitalization, marketing, incentives and grants) in the amount of $1,185,087.

The expenditures are outlined as follows.


Supplies: $5,000 Cellular service: $1,200 Contract services for the CRA director: $61,700 Legal services: $35,500 Accounting services: $5,000 Marketing: $11,000 Computer and website: $1,900 Meeting and travel: $15,000


Conferences, conventions and meetings: $3,500 CRA certification training: $5,000 Travel: $4,000


Crestview Depot/welcome center: $150,000 Park segue and green park: $175,000 Dog park: $10,000 Land/building acquisition: $141,587 Mixed use residential/commercial development: $50,000 Asbestos mitigation: $30,000 Building code compliance upgrade: $30,000 Commercial investor property development: $55,000 Façade and building improvement: $50,000 CRA partnership incentive: $25,000 Low-interest CRA development loans: $50,000 CRA leasing incentive: $10,000 Parking, land, signage, buildings and security: $203,500 Community Development Block Grant/Grant matching, funding, leasing and partnerships: $205,000

CRA Commissioner Shannon Hayes made the motion to accept the budget Sept. 26, and Commissioner Doug Faircloth seconded the motion.

The budget was approved with all commissioners in favor, except Joe Blocker who was absent from the meeting.