CRESTVIEW — The Crestview City Council voted on the millage rate after a Community Redevelopment Agency quarterly meeting Sept. 25.

City Clerk Betsy Roy said the rate will stay the same as last year: 6.9466.

"There's no changes, no decreases, no increases," Roy said.

The mill is $1 per $1,000 of the property's value. It will be in effect for the fiscal year starting Oct. 1 and ending Sept. 30, 2018.

The millage resulted in $6,903,634 in ad valorem taxes for the city's annual budget.

The rest of the city budget, which the council formally approved as well, is as follows:


Local Option Taxes: $679,800

Utility Service Taxes: $2,090,900

Communications Services Tax: $782,800

Local Business Tax: $123,600

Permits, Fees and Special Assessments: $414,101

Franchise Fees: $1,688,250

Impact Fees: $476,700

Federal Grants: $0

State Shared Revenues: $3,209,601

Payments from Local Governments: $119,000

Charges for Services: $10,007,373

Fines and Forfeitures: $43,260

Miscellaneous Revenue: $358,100

Capital Funds: $1,454,428

Transfers In: $127,500

Cash Carry Forward/Reserves: $6,548,181


General Government Services: $10,750,982

Public Safety: $10,016,714

Physical Environment: $8,449,571

Transportation: $1,965,817

Culture and Recreation: $1,299,749

Debt Service: $2,416,895

Transfers Out: $127,500

A total of $18,801,043 will come from the general fund, $701,088 from the debt service fund, $14,322,710 from the enterprise fund and $1,202,387 from the special revenue fund.