CRESTVEW — North Okaloosa County has received numerous road improvements, specifically in the North Crestview and Auburn areas.

According to Okaloosa County Public Works Director Jason Autrey, there are four projects the county is currently working on to improve the streets in Auburn.

On Locke Lane, the county public works department has repaired and improved culverts and applied dirt-to-surface stabilization, which is a way of improving the weight bearing capabilities and performance of dirt roads to strengthen road surfaces. According to Autrey, the work on Locke Lane is almost complete; the county just needs to return to clean up the materials and equipment.

On Adams Road, the county applied dirt-to-surface stabilization, repaired culverts and driveway pipes, and installed asphalt millings — recycled asphalt that is crushed to form gravel that is able to harden and bind together to fill holes. According to Autrey, the public works department plans to finish work on Adams Road this week.

In addition, the county has participated in pavement preservation projects on Main Street and Old Hickory Road in Auburn. The projects include overlay on both roads, where the county lays asphalt over existing pavement to reinforce the structure rather than totally replacing the road when there is only minor damage.

According to Autrey, the county has provided routine maintenance on many streets in North Crestview including mowing, ditch work and erosion control, which he said makes for a better product and requires less maintenance.