CRESTVIEW — An Alabama couple involved in a car accident Monday night is frantically searching for their family pet.

Shar, an 80-pound shar-pei mix, got out of her owners' car when it overturned after being T-boned by a driver who ran a red light. She is a service dog for Teresa Herbst, who was seriously injured in the wreck.

Teresa and William Herbst had just gotten off Interstate 10 and were heading to their Dauphin Island home when the accident occurred.

She is in the intensive care unit of Fort Walton Beach Medical Center. William was not seriously injured.

"This poor guy would love to go find his dog," said Dianna Hall, who works at the hospital. "He doesn't even have a vehicle to go and look for her.

"And he's not wanting to leave his wife right now."

Shar weighs about 80 pounds, is wearing a pink collar and is microchipped.

"Teresa is crying because it's her baby," Dianna said.

She said Shar is "timid" and was terrified after the wreck.

Anyone with information about Shar should call William at 812-584-4219. Dianna said she would be willing to foster the dog until her owners are healthy.