Here it is, into the fourth week of the season and already we have two colleges looking for new coaches: Tennessee and LSU.

And with their schedules it’s looking as if it may be all downhill from here until Nov. 18, when they play each other. Bowl games for either one is out of the question

Alabama and Clemson are still at the top but keep an eye out for Duke, Mississippi State, Georgia and Virginia Tech. And who would have ever thought of Wake Forest and Kentucky in the same breath at the top of the SEC/ACC.

Here are your 10 picks for the week plus a tiebreaker for Sept. 23.

1. Boston College Eagles vs. Clemson Tigers; this game will be the house of slaughter for the Eagles. Clemson by 21 plus.

2. Duke Blue Devils vs. North Carolina Tar Heels; a virtual who who’s in the state of North Carolina. Blue Devils by 18.

3. North Carolina State Wolfpack vs. Florida State Seminoles; just getting over the hurricane and postponing one game make the Seminoles very rusty but still stand up to the challenge of the Wolfpack. Florida State by 13.

4. Pittsburgh Panthers vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets; this game just might be the game of the week to watch in the ACC. Yellow Jackets by 10.

5. Syracuse Orangemen vs. LSU Tigers; should be a very easy game for the LSU Tigers, and they’ll need it because they can only win one more, then it’s all losses until Nov. 18. LSU by 7.

6. Massachusetts Minutemen vs. Tennessee Vols.; why would a team have in their playbook a pre-vent defense to stop a team from scoring by dropping back 20 yards and say let her rip? Tennessee does and it never works. Tennessee win their last game of the season. Tenn. by 21.  

7. Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. Georgia Dawgs. In this SEC game of the week, can the Bulldogs keep rolling as they have been or will the real Dawgs show who’s boss? Georgia by 13 but a very good game — look for an upset.

8. Florida Gators vs. Kentucky Wildcats; Gators take it down to the wire but Wildcats of Kentucky will pull it out by 1.

9. Alabama Train vs. Vanderbilt Commodores; all aboard — can’t stop the Train of the Crimson Tide by 21 plus.

10. Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Texas A&M Aggies; the Razorbacks have been licking their wounds for the past week. Could have been a mistake but that’s OK — they get to do it again. Texas A&M Aggies get 20.

TIE BREAKER: Florida Atlantic Owls vs. Buffalo Bulls; two teams with the same record, 1-2. This is an evenly matched game, with one of our up and down favorite coaches, Lane Kiffin. Why, you remember him from Tennessee; wait, no, USC; no, wait, from Alabama as offensive coach, and his new job is head coach of the Owls. They win by 3.

’Tis too soon to even talk about National Title, but as always Alabama is the front-runner.

Clemson is the front runner for the ACC but is not looking as it did a year ago.

Oklahoma is looking like years before and could be the team to beat; Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan, you need to let them beat each other up before you can count any of them in the top bracket.

As for the sleeper, look at Wisconsin, TCU, Iowa and the real sleeper is USC.

Bill Everett is a member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart and lives in the Baker area.