CRESTVIEW —The City Council met Sept. 12 to approve the tentative millage rate and the tentative budget for fiscal year 2018.

City Clerk Elizabeth Roy presented the council with the tentative millage rate and budget for the upcoming year in the form of resolutions. The council then held a public hearing, but no residents approached the council for discussion.

According to the millage rate resolution, a property appraiser has certified $1,024,637,654 to the City of Crestview as the gross taxable value for operating purposes not exempt from taxation within Okaloosa County. The city would adopt a 6.9466 millage rate, which is more than the rolled back rate, or last year’s rate, by 2.29 percent.

The tentative budget was is in the amount of $35,027,228, which is 5.34 percent above operating expenses for the previous fiscal year, according to Roy. The city clerk and the finance director may approve transfers of appropriations after adoption of the budget, and the city council may amend the budget by resolution as it may deem necessary during the fiscal year 2018, according to the resolution.

The tentative budget follows.


Ad Valorem Taxes: $6,903,634 Local Option Taxes: $679,800 Utility Service Taxes: $2,090,900 Communications Services Tax: $782,800 Local Business Tax: $123,600 Permits, Fees and Special Assessments: $414,101   Franchise Fees: $1,688,250 Impact Fees: $476,700 Federal Grants: $0 State Shared Revenues: $3,209,601 Payments from Local Governments: $119,000 Charges for Services: $10,007,373 Fines and Forfeitures: $43,260 Miscellaneous Revenue: $358,100 Capital Funds: $1,454,428 Transfers In: $127,500 Cash Carry Forward/Reserves: $6,548,181


General Government Services: $10,750,982 Public Safety: $10,016,714 Physical Environment: $8,449,571 Transportation: $1,965,817 Culture and Recreation: $1,299,749 Debt Service: $2,416,895 Transfers Out: $127,500

A total of $18,801,043 will come from the general fund, $701,088 from the debt service fund, $14,322,710 from the enterprise fund and $1,202,387 from the special revenue fund.

Councilman Joe Blocker made motions to adopt both the budget and the millage rate for the upcoming fiscal year. Councilman Shannon Hayes seconded both motions, and the motions passed with all council members in favor. Council Chairman JB Whitten was absent from the meeting.