CRESTVIEW — Coach Ryan Gillis did not reach his rebuilding expectations from last season, but remains optimistic for this season.

“We have a ton of new faces and they’re coming out here eager,” said Gillis, attesting to the work ethic his new players have shown him during summer camps.

His motto?

“Make sure you’re better today than you were yesterday,” Gillis continued, “We’re improving on many skill positions.”

With middle school football establishing fundamentals, little emphasis is put on the throwing game, but Gillis mentioned this season would see more plays in the air for the Mustangs while also filling gaps in the defense.

Gillis is also delegating many responsibilities to his new coaching staff, filling in where he can and feels is necessary.

He hopes that his team’s fresh work ethic will be the foundation for a rebuilding season.

“We have a great coaching staff and a great group of kids,” Gillis said. “I am confident; I’m excited about these guys working hard and just having a great attitude.”