LAUREL HILL — Laurel Hill Councilman Daniel Lane has resigned from his position.

He announced the resignation after Councilwoman Deborah Adams slammed the gavel, officially ending Thursday’s meeting. 

Lane said he is moving out of the city to serve as the senior pastor at The Gospel Tabernacle in Hudson. 

“It was almost as bad leaving as when I came,” he said while Adams, looking on, shed a few tears. “It’s a small, loving town with wonderful people and I am proud to serve with the citizens.”

Nita Miller, Laurel Hill's city clerk, said if someone wants to fill the now vacant city council seat, he or she must pick up a nomination form at city hall.

During the next council meeting, Sept. 7, city leaders will vote on the nominees (who only need one signature).

The candidate who wins a majority — three of the four council members — will be appointed to the seat .