Since it began, I have said in this column that this Russian investigation was a media-contrived witch hunt. When you are a billionaire president and the most powerful person in the United States, and our government’s FBI, intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice can go after you with no evidence, what chance would you and I have if they wanted us? It should scare us all. 

But the Russian “scandal” pushed by CNN is over. 

Granted, some of the bumps have been of his own making, but the Trump presidency so far has been as bumpy as the right lane of an Atlanta street. But when the media spin a narrative that you are in the pocket of Russia with “unnamed sources” and relentless fervor, it is hard to focus. 

Just to remind you, the story the left-wing media have been advancing to undermine our president goes a little like this. Donald J. Trump, a man who has lived the American dream, decided to become a Russian agent in his early 70s. He somehow persuaded fellow septuagenarian Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, a son of the South, sitting U.S. senator and former U.S. attorney, to join in this scheme. 

So Sessions and Trump are Russian agents, according to the narrative of the left that led us to a special prosecutor. The only Trump official who has not been accused of being a spy is SECDEF James "Mad Dog" Mattis. To sum up, the man nicknamed "Mad Dog" is the sanest and most reliable 70-year-old man in Trump’s inner circle. 

The media and Dems just cannot get over Trump. The most recent negative story they are repeating is that Canada plans to restore the brothel developed by President Trump’s granddad in 1896. Friedrich Trump managed prostitutes, and now Donald tries to manage the press and Washington insiders. Not much has changed in 120 years. 

The McCarthy-like fear that permeates from the left and in Hollywood stoked this fake Russia conspiracy. Given the left’s perpetual homage to the McCarthy hearings that damaged so many of their own, the hypocrisy is stark. 

Against the probable crimes of Hillary’s bleaching her 30,000 deleted emails of her "chats with Bill" and her "yoga lessons," Loretta Lynch meeting with Slick Willie on the tarmac and telling FBI Director James Comey to call the email investigation a “matter,” and Susan Rice using some trumped-up investigation to wiretap and unmask Trump officials, we had  Obama saying as late at October 2016 that there was no Russian meddling in the election.

Once Special Counsel Mueller finishes hiring Clinton Foundation cronies and Obama donor staff attorneys to investigate Trump, he might have to go look at the real crimes.

Ron Hart, a libertarian and award-winning author, is a frequent guest on CNN. Contact him at or @RonaldHart on Twitter.

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