CRESTVIEW — Crestview Junction will help connect the downtown area and Twin Hills Park once its use is designated, according to the Community Redevelopment Agency’s director, Brenda Smith.

According to Smith, before anything can happen with the Crestview Junction area, the CRA board needs to meet and decide if they want to proceed with the original plan proposed in the 2017 CRA Master Plan; members meet once a quarter but can meet as often as needed to identify their priorities. 

Crestview Junction has been studied and discussed for approximately two years, according to Smith; it will be located where Industrial Drive turns into North Brett Street in downtown Crestview.

The original plan identified the area for community revitalization and destination development, as well as the possible future site for a train depot when Amtrak returns to the town. In the CRA’s 2016 annual report, it stated that the CRA has been working with survey data it procured on the area to decide how it should be used.

The CRA is currently operating off the 2015 CRA Master Plan; however, a comprehensive plan was recently completed and officials are planning to appoint the 2017 CRA Master Plan with a 30-year extension of their program, according to Smith.

Smith said that the downtown area is currently the most critical for revitalization in the city.

Once the CRA board meets and clarifies their desired use for Crestview Junction, they will begin planning the construction of this area.