CRESTVIEW — Paige Woody and her daughter, Zoey Green, are getting ready for the next stage of medical care since they were attacked by a pit bull March 25.

After the attack, surgeons worked on Zoey for nine hours to reconstruct the right side of her face, which was ripped to shreds. Her jaw was also shattered and required dissolvable screws to hold it together.

Several more surgeries and medical procedures are required to repair damage to the right side of Zoey's face. One is set for August at a Miami eye institute, and another one is in March.

"When we go to the one in Miami, they will try to repair her tear ducts, raise the eyelids and get the skin graft done," Woody said. Zoey will be in the hospital for one to two weeks.

The family has set up a You Caring page to raise money for the medical procedures and supplies Zoey requires day to day. While the goal is listed at $20,000, it's not an exact figure.

"All I know is right now, for her medical supplies which are not covered by insurance, we spend about $300 a month out of pocket outside of Medicaid," her mother said.

Zoey also undergoes a treatment for scarring twice a day. The treatment, called Silagen, uses silicone sheets to reduce the puffiness of the scar. According to the fundraising web page, the treatment costs about $65 every two weeks.

Zoey is only able to go outside during the day on a limited basis.

"She can't go outside during the day because the UV (ultraviolet sun rays) will cause the scars to get harder," her mother said. She can only be limited to going outside if her face is completely patched, or wears a hat when doing things like going to a store.

She is unable to attend school or go to daycare because she can't risk being rough-housed due to her broken jaw, her mother said. She is on a soft food diet while that heals.

When asked what her own medical needs were, Woody said, "I am in the process of finding a neurologist so they can give me injections to the back of my head. The nerves are growing back, causing a great deal of pain."

The two are also dealing with a lot of anxiety after the attack.

"We went to pick up a fish tank and they had a Great Dane mix (at the store). Well, it came up to the front door that was open and that didn't go well," Woody said. "I freaked; she did, too ..."


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