Dear editor,

If corporations would stop sending their business to foreign countries, our economy would be better.

And, if the U.S. got on the bandwagon for alternative fuel, there would be jobs aplenty — especially in manufacturing solar panels, because China is beginning to take that industry over.

President Trump had decided to pull out of the Paris Accord long before [former FBI Director James] Comey's testimony. It is wrong to say Comey vented his anger toward President Trump after he was fired.

As for Comey's testimony, he didn't appear angry at the hearing. He told the truth. It was after he testified that President Trump called him a "nut-job" to the Russian Ambassador the next day. 

The question is, why is President Trump hosting two high-ranking Russians in the Oval Office one day after Comey's testimony? Believing that our Justice Department only goes after whatever [or] whoever it wants is plain untrue.

If Democrats will stop at nothing to bring the president down, what was the Republicans’ plan when Mr. Obama was sworn in as president? Remember [Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell] saying, "We'll do whatever it takes to make him a one-term president?”

It seems as though, when writing negative words, that is only separating us more. 


La Verne Wichman


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