CRESTVIEW – A 37-year-old Crestview woman was arrested after she stepped into a business’s parking lot after being told not to, according to her Crestview Police Department arrest report.

The woman had been issued a trespass warning for the business June 10.

When officers were called back to the business June 11, the woman was standing just outside the parking lot. The officer told her if she stepped into the lot, she would be arrested.

Moments later she stepped into the lot, he noted.

She then stepped back onto the public sidewalk again to argue with the officer.

The officer told her he would count down to five and if she didn’t leave, he would arrest her. When he reached five and she was still there, he placed her under arrest.

She refused to get into the patrol car after he asked her numerous times to sit down.

The officer counted down to five again before assisting her into the back of patrol car.