Dear editor,

(It's) such a sad state of affairs when a president is voted into office and others are doing all they can to stop him from doing his job. Usually, there are people complaining, but not politicians being just mean and rude and ruining this country.

Nothing will get accomplished if we don't all try to work together. It is horrible when citizens see how the politicians and actors are acting and believe they should be allowed to do anything to anyone that they don't agree with, such as senseless shooting against Republicans playing ball—just because they were Republicans and anything goes.

College kids think they can attack anyone that does not agree with them. People of color think they want to be segregated, when all through history people fought hard so they weren't.

This country has to come together. This is ridiculous. We are going to be like the countries that we see on TV with civil wars. Fight for what you are for peacefully. Fight for what you are for through your representatives.

What has happened to respect? What has happened to "treat others as you would want to be treated"? 

This must stop or the U.S. is never going to survive!

Cindy A. Baker


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