What has happened to the Crestview Old Spanish Trail Festivals ... we used to have every year and the OSTF music lineup? These [were] things that people [looked] forward to every year and now nothing. What's happening with this area and people? – Terri B. Owens, Crestview       


According to City Clerk Elizabeth Roy, the Old Spanish Trail Festival has not been held for many years. 

“That was actually from a separate committee from the city,” Roy said. “It hasn’t been done in years and years. 

“I was on the committee when I first moved here before I worked for the city. It was an Old Spanish Trail Festival committee that did that.” 

Roy said she doesn’t know the exact reason the committee stopped meeting, but that some of the committee’s founders have since died. 

“They used to have a parade, they had everything,” Roy said. “It’s been several years; I would say at least 10 years.” 


The Old Spanish Trail Festival committee is no longer intact; therefore, no Old Spanish Trail festivals or concerts are planned for the future. 

Crestview does have festivals like the Crestview Area Chamber of Commerce's annual Triple B Cook-off, the Spring Carnival, the Carver-Hill May Day Festival, the Fourth of July Celebration, the Downtown Fall Festival, the Fall Circus and many other festivals and parades, some of which are held at Spanish Trail Park. 

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