LAUREL HILL — A half-cent sales tax proposal is making its way through Okaloosa County.

The Laurel Hill City Council received a resolution from the Okaloosa County League of Cities to levy a half-cent sales tax for five years to fund capital improvement projects.

The council unanimously voted May 4 to submit the resolution to Okaloosa County commissioners.

Councilman Scott Moneypenny, who made the motion to send the resolution to commissioners, said he is not in favor of raising taxes.

Councilwoman Debra Adams said she thinks the half-cent tax is a fair way to collect money, as opposed to property taxes.

If commissioners approve the resolution, Okaloosa’s registered voters will decide on the sales tax issue in the 2018 election.

If approved, capital improvements would benefit the entire county. Each city gets a certain percentage of funding based on their population.