Have you ever noticed people can be quick to make assumptions?

We hear various labels and pigeonhole someone into a category. Christian. Muslim. Atheist. Vegetarian. Yankee. Rebel. Conservative. Liberal.

Assumptions are often made about a person's lifestyle, mindset and attitude based on a label. People are put into categories: good, bad, righteous, evil, selfish, kind, gullible.

Labels, a human invention, often delineate between those similar or dissimilar to "me." They signify with whom I associate and from whom I keep my distance.

Unfortunately, many have forgotten the one label — child of God — outshines all others. Claiming and living this label — this title — is the one unifying factor for humanity. All others are human-made and serve only to divide us.

When you meet a new person and let the label "child of God" be your very first impression and foundation, the other labels placed on that person are unnecessary.

Will you allow yourself to see a child of God?

The Rev. Mark Broadhead is pastor at Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church and First Presbyterian Church of Crestview.