CRESTVIEW—InDyne and Reliance Test and Technology have opened offices in Crestview after months of speculation surrounding possible moves to the area.

InDyne works with clients across military, private and commercial sectors to provide a range of services such as engineering, logistics, communications networking and cyber expertise. Crestview’s location will focus on integrated security solutions. InDyne can develop, install, test and certify security systems for clients of various sectors at their solutions centers.

The company has yet to announce details of what Crestview’s location will focus on and how many jobs they will bring to the area. InDyne has listed the Crestview location on its website and has working phone lines but construction on the facility is still being finalized.

RT&T, a joint venture of InDyne, provides “engineering and technical support to the Eglin Test and Training Range complex,” according to the company’s website. The company has moved its office headquarters to Crestview, after previously operating out of Fort Walton Beach, according to the site.

Economic Development Council of Okaloosa County Executive Director Nathan Sparks announced the Crestview locations of the companies during a City Council meeting on April 10. Since then, a large “InDyne” sign has appeared at the 4050 S. Ferdon Blvd. location.

Further information — number of jobs, what kind of work will be conducted and why they selected Crestview — on both InDyne and RT&T are unknown. Multiple calls to each company were unreturned and they couldn't “accommodate media requests,” Sparks said via email.