CRESTVIEW—Tyaisha McTear-White, an 18-year-old Crestview resident, was struck by a vehicle while crossing State Road 85, south of Duggan Avenue on Sunday evening.

McTear-White suffered multiple injuries from the accident and was airlifted to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, according to a Crestview Police Department report. No other injuries were reported in the accident, the report stated.

The vehicle was traveling south on SR-85 and was stopped at the intersection of Duggan Avenue, according to the report. The vehicle continued on SR-85 after the signal turned green and struck McTear-White, who was crossing the median, about 200 feet from the intersection.

Destiny Hicks, the vehicle’s driver, told CPD she doesn’t believe she was up to full speed yet because of the intersection stop but was still unable to stop the vehicle in time, according to the report. Another driver said Hicks wouldn’t have been able to stop the vehicle before hitting the victim.

The police report estimates Hicks was traveling at about 25 miles-per-hour when the accident occurred.

Multiple witnesses told CPD they observed McTear-White looking at her cell phone while crossing the road. One witness told CPD she had to “make an evasive maneuver” to avoid hitting McTear-White in the northbound lane of SR-85, the report stated. This occurred moments before the victim was struck in the southbound lane.

McTear-White was found to be at fault for “failing to yield the right-of-way while attempting to cross the highway, not at a marked crosswalk,” according to the CPD report.