The 24th edition of the Government Assistance Almanac gives users updated information on all available federal domestic assistance programs.

These programs represent nearly $2 trillion worth of federal assistance earmarked for distribution to consumers, children, parents, veterans, senior citizens, students, businesses, civic groups, state and local agencies, and others.

The book covers every program described in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, but in a format that is much more understandable and accessible to the general reader. It condenses the information in the federal catalog to the essentials needed by those seeking federal assistance.

More than 2,000 programs are covered in this new 2017 edition.

Each program listing includes:

•Federal program number and title

•Types of assistance available

•Program objectives and permissible use of the funds

•Eligibility factors for applicants and beneficiaries

•Range and average amounts awarded

•Summary of recent activity

•Contact information for program headquarters and websites for more information

This conveniently organized directory presents all the essential information needed for those seeking to identify and obtain grants, loans, insurance, subsidies, fellowships, scholarships, traineeships, and other financial and non-financial assistance.


•More than 2,000 entries describe federal programs that provide assistance.

•Websites are included for all programs and references to legislation authorizing government assistance.

•Summary Tables provide four-year comparisons of federal assistance by agency, department, and administrative unit, with details on the 50 largest and the 50 smallest programs in the current year.

•The Field Office Contacts section provides addresses and telephone numbers for more than 3,000 field offices.

•The Agency Index lists all federal administrative units and sub-units, which helps those searching specifically for administrative entities.

•The Master Index is especially user-friendly, with extensive referencing and cross-referencing that ensures multiple points of access to each entry.

Because this book is in the reference area and not available for checkout, it will always be handy here at the library. Come explore its amazing amount of information.

Sandra Dreaden is the Crestview Public Library's reference librarian.