Meanwhile, both dogs were euthanized on Tuesday.

CRESTVIEW — A 5-year-old girl who was bitten in the face by a pit bull was released from the hospital Sunday.

Zoey Green spent more than a week at Sacred Heard Hospital in Pensacola following the March 25 attack. Her mother, Paige Woody, was also severely bitten trying to protect her child.

The dogs — both pit bulls — were euthanized Tuesday.

Zoey has to stay out of the sun for a year to help minimize scarring. She can't eat solid foods for six weeks due to a broken jaw and will need a skin graft to repair damage to the area around her eye. Her vision was not affected.

But she has been struggling in the wake of the attack.

"I'm going to have to put her in some kind of counseling," Woody said. "She's very emotional right now. She gets overwhelmed."

Zoey also refuses to look in a mirror, her mother said. Most of the injuries were to her face and head.

Woody was dog sitting when the attack occurred. The dog's owner was explaining their care in the backyard when Zoey cracked open a door to hear what her mom was saying.

The larger of the two dogs, a male named Mandingo, lunged through the opening, grabbed the child by her face and pulled her into the yard. Woody managed to pry the dog off her child long enough to lay over her protectively. The dog then attacked Woody.

Since getting home, Zoey has been around small dogs but won't get out of the car if she sees larger species.

After the attack, Zoey's stepfather put up a GoFundMe page to ask for help. Zoey has health insurance, but Woody doesn't. More than $7,000 had been raised as of Wednesday.

"Tell the community we are so thankful," Woody said. "Without the support and prayers, this would have been almost impossible to get through.

"It's really neat to see that people still have a lot of compassion left."