I dreamed I had come up with a solution to America's greatest problem: eliminate Congress.

Unfortunately, when I awakened, I was in greater distress because the television was on and Congress was in session haggling.

Tragically, my dream awakened to America's ongoing nightmare.

Politics and Congressional gridlock have come to dominate America's way of life. Americans have come to live and breathe the tension of Capitol Hill through internet and cable television. People have chosen sides or removed themselves totally from the fray to enjoy their remaining days of life.

Hold everything — now here is an idea: Totally shut off CNN, MSNBC, Fox, NBC and all news feeds from The Washington Post and New York Times and just simply have a marvelous day!

In the meantime, totally unplug from Facebook, Twitter and get away from the computer — because every time you log on, you are bombarded with something to incite you or suck you into the daily fray for all.

Hey, pal, is this really the life you dreamed of living?

My fear is if I keep my head buried in the sand that I will pull it out and ISIS will be driving down my road dragging my neighbors by their necks with a noose reserved for me.

I don't want that for my neighbors or for me.

I have to try to stay with it because, if all Americans go on our merry way neglecting what freedoms we have left, we will have no freedoms at all. 

So I say this to you, dear friend: Let us not give up on doing what is right. Little children in this country deserve a free and safe place to live. We must stay alert and do our part every day.

This doesn't mean that we don't get a little sick and tired, though.

Many of us were irked with how the new health care bill played out. I want a new health care bill as badly as anyone, but hold the phone. Buying insurance across state lines was not part of the new proposal.

If I had been there voting, I would have to say “no deal.” All we have heard about for two years is the promise to rein in these insurance businesses and give Americans a chance at more reasonable, competitive insurance rates.

Capitol Hill still has a lot of work to do on a new health care bill.

Medicaid has to be fixed. Medicaid should only be for the very poor and the truly disabled. There also should be a lifetime limit on Medicaid. Healthy poor citizens should be limited to a maximum of five years on Medicaid with never more than a two-year increment of Medicaid coverage. People should have to go off a year before coming back into the system.

When your five years are complete, then it's over. Five years should give people enough time to move to a part of the country where they can find a sustaining job.

Also, any health care bill that hints of bailing out insurance companies will not work. Those companies often make billions and must be responsible. Bailing out banks and insurance companies will only add to America's debt and lust for more of your tax dollars.

Find some ways to relax and live the life you have dreamed about. The first step is to disconnect from anything that plugs you into Congress and Capitol Hill.

But wait; don't stay unplugged forever because you might not have an America when you reconnect.

Glenn Mollette is an American syndicated columnist and author. 

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