CRESTVIEW — The city has received initial plans for its first Chick-fil-A location.

The fast-food chain will move into the former Ryan’s Steakhouse site at 3000 S. Ferdon Blvd. A new 87-space parking lot will accompany the nearly 5,000-square-foot building and feature an improved entry and exit, as well as bus parking.

Drivers leaving the former Ryan’s location could make a right or left turn out on Mirage Avenue, leading to South Ferdon Boulevard — Chick-fil-A plans to change that.

The existing entrance/exit will be modified to permit only left turns from the restaurant. This will feed into a proposed turnaround at Mirage Avenue and Crosson Street, according to Growth Management Director Teresa Gaillard.

The lot will also feature one-way driving to better manage traffic flow around the restaurant. Current plans depict 90-degree parking spaces but these will be modified in later plans to be angled spots, Gaillard said. Angled spaces will make parking in the one-way lanes easier.

The restaurant will have 157 seats and a 31-car drive-thru but little else is known about the building’s design. Architectural planning is one of the later stages of the permitting and construction process and Chick-fil-A has not reached that stage.

The franchise is pending a meeting with the Technical Review Committee to discuss its current plans proposal, according to Gaillard. The TRC will review the plans and make suggestions to ensure it meets city requirements or needs.

Approval by the TRC sends the plans for a recommendation from the Local Planning Agency and finally for approval from City Council.

The company could receive all of the go-aheads by the end of May based on meeting dates for all these departments. No timeline on construction or opening has been established, according to Gaillard.

It’s not yet known how many jobs will be created from the opening.

A call to Chick-fil-A public relations was unanswered and voicemail unreturned at time of publication.