A 48-year-old Crestview man was arrested Thursday after a 17-year-old victim came forward to say he had sexually abused her.

The victim told a female Okaloosa County sheriff's deputy that the man, Paul Robert Weston, told her on February 26, 2017 that he wanted to have sex with her, but she told him no. He told her “it will only take 20 minutes”.

According to the arrest report, the victim said that “she didn’t know what other choice she had as she kept telling him no but it didn’t seem to matter.” She feared the man would take her phone if she tried to call the police.

The victim started a timer on her cell phone, and Weston began sexually abusing her.

The report said that the victim underwent a forensic interview and a medical examination, and both resulted in positive findings for sexual abuse.

Weston is being held at the Okaloosa County Jail on one count of felony sexual assault and unlawful contact with certain minors.