Editor’s Note: All Crestview candidates running for elected office received the same questionnaire relevant to the position each seeks. Their answers follow.

Crestview City Clerk Betsy Roy, City Councilman Shannon Hayes (District 2) and City Councilman Doug Faircloth (District 3) ran unopposed, so we did not send them a questionnaire for this voter guide.

Crestview’s municipal election is March 14. See www.govote-okaloosa.com to find your polling place.  

Name: Joe Blocker

Office sought: Crestview City Council, District 1

Occupation: Commercial construction on-site project manager, 50-plus years

Relevant experience: Supervised and managed untold number of commercial construction projects for 55-plus years, from thousands to multi-million dollar cost, from conception to completion for municipalities, counties, states and federal government projects.

Reason for seeking this position: I retired five-plus years back — and with ample time to devote to my interest in the government and moving our city forward — with the enthusiastic support of multitudes of friends and fellow citizens encouraging me to put my wisdom, knowledge and experience to work for my city.

The increase in population has also resulted in severe road congestion within Crestview. This discourages citizens (and potential ones) from traveling the area as well as increases the likelihood of traffic accidents.

How would you address this issue as a city council member?

Population growth has been a plus for our city, although no doubt has caused many hardships for some people, especially in the traffic problem.

We must realize “no gain, no pain.” I have been a voting member of Okaloosa-Walton Transportation Planning Organization now for three-plus years and, believe me, I know the hard facts about this traffic problem and (am) working full force in resolving it ASAP.

Population growth has increased over the last several years, resulting in city revenue boosts through tax dollars.

With that growth has come a greater demand for public resources and businesses.

How will you use the economic surge to improve quality of life for Crestview citizens?

My goal has been, from day one, to develop and bring to our city a vast number of wholesome economic developments, mainly in the retail business, and developing resources with assets for the youth and especially our senior adults in the entertainment field. Developing businesses will result in revenue boosts through tax dollars.

Crestview — I’m fully convinced, from the research that I have been involved with the past four years — is at the stage, with correct leaders, to fully develop what was a small, rural city to a city of many means, known internationally, drawing people to this area because who we the people are. And we must meet the people’s needs in quality of services for a great life.


Name: Landrum “Larry” Edwards

Office sought: Crestview City Council, District 1

Occupation: Retired civil service; owner of Edwards Machine Shop.

Message: (Editor’s Note: Edwards did not complete the questionnaire provided but did send the News Bulletin the following statement.)

I have run for public office twice to try and make a difference for the citizens of Crestview. Without change, Crestview will still be stuck in 1950s. (With) certain people who still try to control the growth by not allowing us to have adequate roads. This has gone on since the ’70s, because no one will speak against the people who want Crestview to stay in the ’70s.

I am willing to stand up for the citizens of Crestview. An example is building the new courthouse in the middle of Crestview with inadequate roads and parking. This will not allow Crestview to advance to the future in the downtown area (due to) overcrowding.

Statements have been said that it's our way or no way; the money is in the south end of the county. They do not realize that Crestview area and the north end of the county will have the voting control in the next 10 years.

I will work and speak for the citizens of Crestview and the area around Crestview.