CRESTVIEW — A South Carolina woman who’d been issued a trespass warning for the Crestview Inn was arrested when she went back and entered Room No. 6.

The renter of the room said he’d allowed the 26-year-old woman to stay with him before since she had nowhere else to go, but that she’d been told to leave March 1.

The woman went back into his room March 3.

The renter was in the process of moving out of that room at the time, but the suspect locked him out using the deadbolt, according to her Crestview Police Department arrest report.

When the officers made contact with her, she was in the shower. They told her to get out, get dressed and she did so.

Before being placed in handcuffs, she asked if she could speak. She then told officers she’d been invited in the room to shower, but then said she’d been wandering around and allowed God to guide her to where she should go.

She acknowledged that she had been told not to return to the property.