This is my first Christmas in Crestview and I have to say I am surprised at the lack of Christmas decorations. You can come off I-10 and you would never know that it is the holidays driving along (State Road) 85. Same thing in my neighborhood. Is there some sort of ordinance that doesn't allow decorations? Very sad. — Casey Janocko, Crestview (submitted on Facebook)



There are no ordinances in Crestview’s current code limiting or preventing the display of holiday decorations. Exceptions to this are displays that could be a potential hazard to the public, such as obstructing a roadway.

However, homeowner’s associations can regulate the displays of lights and decorations. For example, an HOA could set a timeframe in which decorations can be displayed, impose limits on size or quantity of displays, create guidelines on which kinds of decorations can be used, or even prohibit displays.

Regarding city property, Mayor David Cadle said there are displays throughout the downtown district, at City Hall, the Veterans Memorial and at the courthouse. Beyond that, residents may decorate their property as they see fit, according to Cadle.

Many areas along FL-85 are commercially or privately owned and displays are at the discretion of the respective property’s owner. These displays can be costly and require a time commitment to set up and remove.



A lack of displays from others doesn’t mean you have to limit your own. If your neighborhood has an HOA, learn the rules it might have regarding holiday decorations and displays. If you don’t belong to an HOA, or if it doesn’t regulate decorating, then you are free to do so as you please — minding public safety, of course.

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