I wish I had a drt bike. A nuther thang I want for Christmas is a Hot Wheels trak. I want a $100 bike.

Cameron C.


Santa, For Christmas I would like nothing. The only thing I want is a puppy. Also, a Minecraft book and game. That is all I want for Christmas.

Love. Karlee M.


Dear Santa, This year for Christmas I want a PS4. On the year I get it can you bring me a TV too plese. And what cookies do you want with your fat free milk. p.s. if you get me a PS4 I will need a game.

your frind, Jeff B.


to Santa

1. Gil babby doll clothes.

2. girl babby doll.

3. two babby doll boddles.

4. two stollers boy and girl.

5. Minecraft redstone book.

from Elianna H.


I want a bike a new house and a skateboard. I want a $200 dollrs.

Rachael B.


Dear senta clos I want a frozen car and a swimming pool. lots of candy. Can you get me lots of toys? I want a Barby doll with that color thing.

Precious S.


Dear Santa it is almost time that you have your slade and give out presants at Christmas. Can I have a drone?

Sunny D.


Dear Santa, My wish is I had 29 tropys and I was the fastest in the school. My next wish is I spend time with my Aunt. My next wish is we do not have to have shots.

Chloe J.


My holiday wish is I get my own creeper with brain skelton and TNT! I also want more legos. Happily – Isaac

Sant the thing I want for Christmas is a mega nerf gun, a lego volcano set, a patrol long truck at Walmart and a remote control turkey that has legs and runs fast.

Dwight D.


Dear sanmbta cost, what I wot for cifis is a naw geen srit and sum cas stuff.

Hannah G.


Dear Santa, I wish I could have a pool and more toys. It would be cool if I had more nerf guns and wepens.

From, Brendan B.