BAKER – A dominant performance almost seems routine, especially in the late part of the Baker Gators’ undefeated season — and that is just what coach Matt Brunson wants.

“We’ve gotten better and better and better and here we are going into game 12 of the season,” said Brunson, adding that his defense continued to play as well as they have all season.

The only frustration that was noticeable on the sidelines was when the defense allowed a long touchdown run by Cottondale late in the game, as they were looking forward to a third straight shutout.

The Gators had to settle for a 56-6 win; as if a 50-point margin of victory wasn’t enough.

If not getting a shutout was the biggest worry for the Gators, one can only imagine what the rest of the playoffs look like for such a dominant team.

At this point last season, Baker was playing well on offense but their defense wasn’t delivering nearly as well as this season. Coach Brunson says that the improvement of his defense is the biggest difference that he hopes will get his team further into the playoffs and to the FHSAA Class 1-A Championship in Orlando on Dec. 8.

The Gators have a relatively harder road ahead of them, as the playoff seeding assured that Friday’s game would be Baker’s last at home for the season.

With Graceville beating Northview 43-14, the Gators must travel for the remainder of their playoff run.

The Baker Gators play the Tigers at Graceville on Nov. 18.