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Can you believe the Kardashians went all of the way to France and someone (stole their) diamonds or whatever the jewelry was worth — so much money.

When you go to the airport, any airport in the world and they check you in, you are not allowed to take a lot of stuff. I don’t believe it, and she is going to say that to France, with all they have had to deal with; all of the bombs and everything.

I don’t believe it, with all of the places in the world; we are the most safe, like America. I tell these people all of the time, ‘Don’t leave the country.’ I have friends who went to Mexico and ended up dead. I have friends who go to India and end up dead.

Stay home.

They don’t have show up with their jewelry. Please don’t let these people go farther than the airport with their jewelry. If they want some money, they should go to the bank.

Maria Lyon



I was reading the article in Saturday’s paper about the budget director and how the ad valorem tax has not gone up and they need more money.

Well, if people would look on their ballots for this year, they got two amendments which exempt people from paying ad valorem taxes. I am not saying they should or shouldn’t, but every time a group gets exempt that means the group that is left has to pay more; and if everyone pays a little bit, it’s better than a few having to pay a bunch.

Just think about it. Thank you.

Bobby Andrews 



I see Pace is not on the ballot to be like surcharge taxes. I think that would be a great deal because right now with your MSBU money going all over the county and not staying in Pace.

Once you go MSBU or state MSBU, or whatever they want to call it, all of that money will be earmarked for the Pace district. That way, these little stations that have been taking $100,000 or more from Pace every year won’t be able to do that anymore … If you vote ‘yes,’ it will stay in Pace. If you vote ‘no,’ then it will be shared with all of the other smaller departments. Ya’ll know who you are.

So, I think it’s going to be a good bill for Pace. Navarre is there; Avalon is there; Pace is big enough now where they can support their own fire department. Pace is so big that they can support everyone else in the entire county.

Good luck, Pace, in getting the state recognition there. Good luck.

Tony Broxson