CRESTVIEW — Graphics artist Miranda Morrill and manager Kayley Teal-Wibben are busy these days as they scurry around the new Signs Galore Express shop.

“Right now it’s pretty much a mess,” Teal-Wibben says, stepping over trimmed graphic vinyl scraps as Morrill cuts self-applied graphics for a car dealership.

“We’ve got all the ball teams getting their names on their jerseys,” Teal-Wibben said.

Plus a customer at the counter needs a few feet of colored sign vinyl for her home Silhouette Cameo graphics-cutting machine.

The spin-off of long-time north Crestview Signs Galore is suited for these “small” jobs — no matter how overwhelming they may appear to the layman — Teal-Wibben said.

“Signs Galore is doing the ‘monument signs,’ the high-dollar signs,” she said. “The express shop, we’re doing mainly the T-shirts, yard signs, banners and any names-on-the-jerseys and hats, and the smaller stuff.”

Separating the two types of graphics business lets the company serve both of its customer bases more efficiently, Teal-Wibben said.

“We’ve just kind of separated it so the quicker, smaller and less-expensive jobs are coming through Express and everything else is coming through Signs Galore,” she said.

“We’re still offering everything we do at the other shop. We’ve just divided it up so things will be more efficient.”

One previously underserved type of customer includes stay-at-home moms who produce graphics on smaller home versions of Signs Galore’s high-end commercial vinyl cutting plotters.

“We’re selling them vinyl locally rather than them buying it online,” Teal-Wibben said. “We’ve had a lot of interest in it — more than I anticipated. We have plenty of people who appreciate it.”

In addition to signage, clothing graphics and materials, both Signs Galore locations offer graphic and logo design services, she said.